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Homeschool Co-op

So after a few meetings, changes of plans, and go-around check-ins, we have created a homeschool co-op! Like every other kind of collaborative effort, it has taken a lot of talking and some compromise, but I am so excited about this homeschooling year. This is the schedule that we have come up with.  It could change, of course, or some parts might not work for some kids, or some other kids might join.... Homeschool Co-op Mornings: Kids will be at home with us.  We are going to do language arts and math, so I am scrambling for curriculum now.  As someone who has never ever taught with a set curriculum, this is strange.  On the other hand, I don't know what kinds of writing a ten-year-old should be expected to know.  I am researching this now, and any suggestions would be appreciated! Figuring out how to juggle the two of them will be interesting.  I see some educational websites in our futures.... This is also the time when we'll do some chores, maybe learn how to ...

Why Intentional Communities Are Great Places For Women

Last week in my writer's group, we talked about our "rules for writing," what we had inherited, what we thought served us and what we thought didn't serve us.  One of the rules that someone mentioned was something like "write for a specific audience." I definitely have a specific audience in mind when I write this blog.  And I actually imagine a specific person that I know as my reader (though I'd also like to imagine that I have more than one reader).  She is a forty something working ...
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