So my first reaction was that I am glad that I don’t have to see students that are happy about this and deal with that mess.

And my second reaction was that this plan of mine to take my kids and go as far away from mainstream as possible is not looking so crazy anymore.

Then I was on Twitter, just poking around trying to get inspired for ELA blog ideas so that I could promote the stuff that I’m trying to sell so that I can keep my family away from the insaneness that has apparently overtaken this country.  And there was a question, “What are you doing to talk to your students about the election results?”  I didn’t have an answer because, of course, I don’t have students anymore.

Everyone that I see here is upset about what’s happening.  There are no Trump supporters in the ecovillage.  There was a potluck brunch this morning for people to get together to grieve.  I didn’t go.  I guess that I needed to think a little more about how I feel about this whole thing.

I feel glad that I’m not out there with people who had secretly harbored all those feelings of racism and misogyny and homophobia and xenophobia… and I must be forgetting something.  But I’m also not out there to do anything about people who feel that way.

It is beautiful out here on the edge of the Earth.

Before, I had my way of making my mark on the future.  I’m not saying that I talked politics with my students.  I didn’t really.  But I did try to get them thinking about injustice and inequality and how they could do something about problems that we all face.  And now, I’m surrounded by people who already believe what I believe.

Recently, some people around here have been taking what is called “direct action” against the Dakota Access Pipeline construction.  They’ve been going to worksites and chaining themselves to equipment or going to support people who are protesting in this kind of active way.  I think that’s great, but it also isn’t really my style.

Over the years, I have had somewhere around 1500 students.  I know that many of them remember nothing from my class.  But I also know that some of them gained a new understanding of privilege and what they can do to fight it.  Those former students are out in the world somewhere, but I’m here, in this little corner, watching my kids run around happily playing outside with their friends who have also been brought up not to be racist or misogynist or hold any of the other beliefs that Trump has shown are widely held by people in this country.  

I’m fairly sure that we’ll be able to ride the storm safely here in the village.  We already live outside the system to a great extent.   But it also feels like hibernating at times.

Or like I’ve taken the last escape pod and left the space station to explode with everyone else still on it.

truck pic

That’s us, getting away from everything over eight months ago.


Written by Sustainable Family Living