The only rule about what you can and can’t wear here is that there aren’t any rules.  Still, many people who can’t make their home in the ecovillage would still like to bring the ecovillage to their home.  One of the ways that you can do that is by the way that you dress.

Here are my 9 tips to dress like an ecovillager*:

how to dress like an ecovillager dancing rabbit

Wear lots of layers.  As you move about your day, hauling water or chopping wood or participating in a long meeting by a roaring yet very efficient fire, you will likely need varying degrees of warm and cool clothes.  So dressing in layers is a good choice.

Bathrobes are both fancy and warm.  One key layer that you will often spot around the village is the bathrobe.  While some wear them better than others, you can’t fail with a fancy robe–deep jewel colors, velvet-y finishes, or other luxury styles.  Additionally, the bathrobe layer, as it warms your legs as well as your upper body, is key for colder days.

Pajama pants are not only for bed.  Since everyone here literally couldn’t care less about what you’re wearing or what you look like, it’s a great idea to wear your pajama pants during the day.  Crazy patterns are optional but always look chic.

Natural fabrics are preferable to synthetics if you have no intention of showering any time soon.  Plan on saving  two gallons of water for every minute you don’t shower?  Have a lingering smell that you would rather not cling to your clothes?  Choose natural fibers such as cotton or wool.

Shoes without laces help when you are in and out of various buildings.  Since you will spend a great deal of your time here visiting friends and moving in and out of buildings where shoes are not preferred, it’s much easier to wear slip-on footwear.

how to dress like an ecovillager dancing rabbit

Muck boots never go out of season.  It might not always be mud season, but it is always a great time of year for humey buckets or visiting farm animals.  So muck boots, the rubber kind that are waterproof to the very top and make that slap-slap sound when you walk, are a great choice all year round.

how to dress like an ecovillager dancing rabbit

Never new.  Whether you’re wearing purple corduroy pants, leopard leggings, or a pink “princess” hat, your fashion choices will always be more responsible when they are second-hand.  I have read that it takes 5000 gallons of water to make a new T-shirt, so visit the Sally Army when you need new digs.

how to dress like an ecovillager dancing rabbit

Skirts are for everyone.  Whether you want to feel a breeze where you have never felt a breeze before, or whether you just like to twirl with some twirliness, there are no gender limits when it comes to dress.

Clothing is always optional.  Even if it isn’t national naked gardening day, opting out of clothes is always eco.  Just think of all that vitamin D.  And when you want to proudly proclaim that you are happy with your body just the way it is, the best way to feel that pride is by the feeling the prairie breezes on your bare skin.

*Tips are for everyone, but they look better on cute kids.  Also, some of these kids are actually much older now, but they are still great wearers of ecovillage fashion!

Written by Sustainable Family Living