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How To Dress Like An Ecovillager

The only rule about what you can and can’t wear here is that there aren’t any rules.  Still, many people who can’t make their home in the ecovillage would still like to bring the ecovillage to their home.  One of the ways that you can do that is by the way that you dress. Here are… Read more »

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Retreating and Advancing

I know that living here is better for my family.  We have more time together, a more relaxed pace, more time in nature and playing outdoors. Yet I can’t help but think of what I left behind. As a public school teacher, I knew that I was making a diference.  With over 100 students most… Read more »

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Candles, Seeds, and Routines: What We’ve Been Up To

So we have been back from a seven-week trip to see family for about a week now, and we’re settling into our lives again.  At first, it was sort of a rough transition.  You mean I have to wash all those dishes?  Did you just say that we are on our last humey bucket?  We need… Read more »

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Are We Living In A Blue Zone?

A few weeks ago, while visiting family in Spain, we got in a debate about which countries have the longest average life span.  After a little discussion about averages and medians, and some google searches to decide who was the winner of the the argument that I don’t remember why we started, I stumbled on… Read more »

How I’m Reacting To This Mess

So my first reaction was that I am glad that I don’t have to see students that are happy about this and deal with that mess. And my second reaction was that this plan of mine to take my kids and go as far away from mainstream as possible is not looking so crazy anymore. Then I… Read more »

The Environmental Stuff is a No-Brainer For Me

I was talking with a friend the other day about how excited I am that (maybe hopefully probably) a lot of people will be moving here between now and next Spring (a lot being eight adults by my last count).  She said that she just hopes that the village doesn’t lose sight of our environmental… Read more »

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Why I Haven’t Been Writing Much

So it appears that I have done that thing that many people do when they are writing a blog–start a blog, get all excited and write a ton, and then drop it for weeks or months.  I keep thinking that maybe I’ll write again soon, but then I don’t.  It’s a combination of a few factors–just general… Read more »

homeschool co-op

Homeschool Co-op

So after a few meetings, changes of plans, and go-around check-ins, we have created a homeschool co-op! Like every other kind of collaborative effort, it has taken a lot of talking and some compromise, but I am so excited about this homeschooling year. This is the schedule that we have come up with.  It could… Read more »


My Thoughts on Co-ops

Like with pretty much everything else here, I am just scratching the surface of the whole co-op idea.  I am currently a member of two co-ops, am forming a third, and will soon be out of one of those co-ops. We have been eating in Skykitchen for a few months now, minus our trip back… Read more »

21st Century Parenting

We definitely moved here to have more time together as a family. In fact, I would say that was the main reason why I wanted to get out of the mainstream. But sometimes it feels like I spend the whole day hoping that the kids will find something to do somewhere else or be invited… Read more »

  • Why We Packed All Our Toys

    Even though we are living in a pretty tiny house, I kept some toys out of storage when we got here.  They were the greatest hits/creative stuff/games that I like to play. Since we’ve been here, we’ve played one game of Sorry (since I was counting that as “math” for my son, and I’m pretty… Read more »

  • How Our New Life is More Sustainable for Me

    I think that mothers often struggle with the concept of self care.  It often ends up being something like “I’ll take a nap, but first let me get in one more load of laundry…” or “I go to the gym, but I have to get up at 4:30 am in order to do it.” I… Read more »

  • Playing and Playing Some More

    Yesterday, I played two games. What’s so strange about this?  Parents play games all the time, right?  I have played Sorry probably over 500 times.  I don’t know how often I’ve played Candyland or Shoots and Ladders because I’ve repressed every memory…But yesterday, I played two games and they were both for my entertainment. In… Read more »

  • How We’re Scheduling “School”

    Homeschoolers talk about taking one month per year of school to “deschool,” to get used to not siting in a desk for six hours a day and learning because a teacher tells you to.  I think that we also need to “deschedule.”  After years of being driven by the clock—by the school bus driving by… Read more »

  • Help Me Help You

    Talking to my liaison today, she told me the often people just give a grocery list to someone going into town—with the understanding that the next time, that person will return the favor.  I told her that I can’t even really imagine asking for that much of a favor.  I’ve done it all by myself—or… Read more »

  • What’s Normal?

    Thirteen Things That Still Seem Normal to Me (But Shouldn’t) Removing hair from some parts of your body but not others. Wearing pants, shoes, even underwear that are so uncomfortable that you take them off the second you walk in the door after work. Driving 20 minutes in a car to run on a treadmill, row on dry land,… Read more »

  • Jump Before the Parachute and the Parachute Will Come

    “Oh, no, we definitely won’t go until I find a job and we get someone to rent the house.” That’s what I said for months.  I was sure that it would be simple.  I would work really really hard on my resume and cover letter highlighting my seventeen years of teaching and I would get… Read more »

  • Sustainability vs. Convenience

    I buy a box of chicken nuggets—organic, no antibiotics, gluten free—it comes in a bag in a box, from who knows where.  I know it’s not the best choice for my family or the environment, but I don’t spend too long thinking about it.  It’s Friday afternoon, I’ve finished a long work week, and I’m… Read more »

  • My Search For Community

    These are the times when I thought we’d find community: in graduate school, when we lived in a cute apartment in the couples housing, surrounded by connected houses all designed around common shared green space when we moved from a biggish city to a smallish town on the ocean when we had a baby and… Read more »

  • Call It A Mid-Life Crisis

    Call it a mid-life crisis, call it the-grass-is-always-greener syndrome, but for the past few years, I’ve been looking for a way to make our family life work.  I’ve been looking for something different. During this search, I heard an interview on NPR with Brigid Shulte and immediately ordered her book Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play… Read more »